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Giving their support

   It's not easy to be a non-conformist, to hold fast to an opinion that you know will be unpopular with a lot of people.

   That's true in high school, it's true in the corporate world and it's true when it could pit neighbor against neighbor, as is the case when a community grapples with the ramifications of a new building development.

   I wrote in my column today that we often hear about the neighborhood opposition to these projects - in this case, Benderson's Amherst Town Centre project - so much so that we assign them terms like NIMBY, Not in My Back Yard. We think of them as the other side of the story.

   But sometimes there's a third side to the story, the side that we don't hear about as much. Call them PIIMBY - Put It In My Back Yard.

   They can't wait until the new drug store opens. They look forward to having new neighbors who will move into the new subdivision behind their property. They're happy that something is going to go on that vacant piece of land.

   They're harder to find and less likely to talk, but they're out there.

   --- Bruce Andriatch

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