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Hamburg skating into the future?

     The possible conversion of Hamburg’s town-owned ice arena on Lakeview Road to a private operation hasn’t drawn much attention yet in part because it hasn’t gone too far. The town has asked the state for “alienation” rights for the site, so it could lease it to a private operator.

   If it gets the OK, then the Town Board has to decide whether it wants to go ahead with it.

   But the fact remains that the town has taken that first step, which could lead to a second sheet of ice and other new construction at the former missile base. If it happens, the developer would operate the arena, but the town would keep ownership of it all.

   Is that a good idea? The Town Board says it will decide that when it gets word back from the state on alienation. But there’s no need for you to wait. What do you think?

   --- Elmer Ploetz

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