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More fallout for Amherst supervisor

   There's no love lost between Amherst Town Supervisor Satish Mohan and the town's union leadership.

   But Mohan's personal involvement in contract negotiations with town highway and police union leaders has been described as a terrible experience by most everyone. Wheeling and dealing has never been a strength of Mohan's, who has stated his belief that unions should simply give up their perks and fringe benefits because it's the morally right thing to do.

   When Council Member Guy Marlette asked to be allowed to negotiate a contract settlement with the Amherst Police Club to try and avert an arbitration decision next month, Mohan said he believed Marlette might be able to take advantage of his goodwill with the Police Department to reach an agreement favorable to the town. Marlette had been endorsed by the police union when he ran for his seat last year.

   But when the negotiated contract came back with concessions that Mohan considered seriously Lacking, he went on the attack, publicly accusing Marlette - without evidence - of "corruption" and a conflict of interest.

   The police contract does include a number of cost-saving concessions, primarily affecting newer police officers, but it maintains major police benefits like fully covered health insurance for most officers and the ability to cash out 330 days of sick pay upon retirement.

   Was Mohan right to verbalize his personal suspicions in this case, or did he cross the line?

   -- Sandra Tan


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