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Keep your friends close, your family closer

   Arthur Fuerst has come up with an unusual plan  to keep his kids from feeling like they have to follow the path their contemporaries have trod out of Western New York: Start a business and then hire them.

   That won't work for all of us, it demonstrates how far one person is willing to go to keep his family close.

   The flight of young people from home is not just a Buffalo-area phenomenon, but young people who believe their community's best days are behind them will look for their future elsewhere.

   Maybe Fuerst's approach won't translate to the rest of the community. But at least he's trying something.

  --- Bruce Andriatch

To shrink or not to shrink?

   West Seneca Town Board members say they would strongly oppose a resolution by Town Supervisor Walter Piotrowski to let voters decide whether the Town Board should shrink by two seats.

   Piotrowski says a three-member board is what was originally intended for all New York State government and that a smaller board would work more efficiently. Board members say reducing the board's size would be dangerous for the town, putting too much power into too few hands.

   What's your take? If the possibility of a board seat reduction comes up for a vote, how would you cast your ballot?

-- Samantha Maziarz Christmann

Show us the money

   If your salary is paid by the public, the public has a right to know what they pay you.

   That seems pretty straightforward. But Orchard Park might be the first local government in Western New York to make it quite so easy to find the information, as I wrote in my column today.

   Should other municipalities and school districts follow Orchard Park's lead and make employee salary information widely and easily available? Or should that information only be provided when a person requests it?

  --- Bruce Andriatch