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Games people play

   Sometimes when I write a column, I'll search the Web to see if anyone has trod this ground before. At best, you find that maybe you had an original thought, at worst you find out that a topic has been written to death.

   If you look up stories that have the words "kids, parents and coaches," the theme generally goes like this: Parents yell at kids, parents yell at coaches, parents yell at each other, coaches yell at kids, parents and each other, coaches and parents occasionally stop yelling long enough to assault other coaches and parents and kids and each other.

   You won't find a lot written about the joy of youth sports, of bonding with other parents, of watching kids have fun while they compete.

   I'm fortunate to know that's what has happened to me. Tell me what your experience has been.

   And maybe the next time you look up "kids, parents and coaches," you'll come across this.

   --- Bruce Andriatch



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