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Cheektowaga school districts - is eight more than enough?

   There are parts or all of eight different school districts in Cheektowaga, so it's not surprising the second largest town in Erie County is the poster child for school district consolidation.

   The school districts say they collaborate every day, and save money by working with each other and with Erie 1 BOCES. Working together more is the answer, they say.

   They question whether there would be any savings from consolidating.

   You might save the salaries of several superintendents, but then you'd need more administrators. Employees wouldn't agree to go by the lowest wages, but the contract with the highest paid wages. And would taxpayers from the property-rich Cheektowaga Central approve a consolidation with Cheektowaga Sloan, which has a much lower assessed value, which would result in more taxes for central?

- Barbara O'Brien

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