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The Clarence plaza war

   Two Transit Road plaza owners are at war with one another over a driveway one owner tried to build to help shoppers access a neighboring traffic light.

   Eastern Transit Plaza owner Ismet Hallac can't finish his partially paved driveway, however, because his neighbor, Valu Home Centers president Michael A. Ervolina Jr. -- refuses to allow it to be connected to his Clarence plaza's parking lot.

   A traffic light at Transit and Renaissance assists customers driving to and from Ervolina's plaza.

   Hallac and his plaza's tenants strongly believe they deserve access to that light, too.

   So does the Town of Clarence, which for two years has been promoting interconnection for adjoining businesses on Transit to promote traffic safety.

   Ervolina says connecting to his neighbor's plaza will adversely affect his market value and rental rates, cause him to lose valuable parking and violate non-compete clauses with his tenants.

   Who's right, in your view, on this public safety issue?

   -- Irene Liguori

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