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The most important meal of the school day

   Maybe they have great food. Maybe kids at John F. Kennedy Middle School don't want to wake up in time to eat breakfast at home, or maybe this is an example of peer pressure gone good.

   Whatever the reason, more than half the school ate breakfast at school Thursday. For 75 cents, they get a bagel, or a "breakfast pizza" of a biscuit, sauce, cheese and breakfast sausage and milk or juice.

   That's 192 children choosing food off carts in the hall, and paying at a cash register on wheels … all in about 15 minutes.

   Instead of being chastised for eating in the halls and classrooms, they are encouraged.

   You might wonder why schools are going to great lengths to feed children in the morning, but teachers know a full stomach makes learning a little bit easier for everyone in the classroom.

  --- Barbara O'Brien


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