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It takes a village

   When people start debating whether we need villages, the argument usually is about village government.

   But people who choose to live in villages care much less about whether they have a mayor and four trustees than they do about the village quality of life. Whether it's Williamsville or East Aurora or Kenmore or Hamburg or Lancaster, spend a few hours in a village and you'll understand.

   The houses are a little older and little closer together. Mail and the newspaper probably are delivered right to the door. Maybe most importantly, people can walk places easily.

   The library is all part of that equation. That's why a Kenmore resident is fighting to keep a library in her village.

   The people who want to centralize the library in the Town of Tonawanda say nostalgia cannot replace reality, which is why they argue that bigger and newer beats old and charming.

   What do you think?

   --- Bruce Andriatch


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