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Sidewalks save lives

   I find myself thinking and writing about sidewalks a lot lately. Partly that's because when I run, I find myself contending with the dangers of cars that don't see me running toward them on streets that have no sidewalks. Partly it's because within the past month, three local people have been killed walking in the street in areas where there are no sidewalks.

   The snow on the ground should remind all of us that we have to shovel the sidewalk because that's the law, designed to keep pedestrians from having to walk in the street. But the law seems pointless when so many roads exist without sidewalks and people have no choice but to walk in the street.

    No one has an easy answer to this problem. Sidewalks cost a lot of money and some people just don't want them. But it seems to me we have two choices: Either ban people from walking in the street - a virtual impossibility - or build more sidewalks.

   If one or the other isn't done, you can bet there will be more fatalities.

  --- Bruce Andriatch

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