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A loud late-night dilemma

   The way Joyce Gramza related what happened to her dog appears to paint a picture of a heartless cop in a nasty suburban department imposing an arbitrary rule on behalf of an uncaring neighborhood. And it's easy to understand her grief, having lost her canine companion of 13 years.

   The reality is a little more complicated. It always is. But there's no debating that in her panic to find her lost dog, she was yelling the animal's name late at night and she disturbed a resident or some residents in a Snyder neighborhood. And a police officer told her to stop.

   It's easy to blame the police, but not entirely fair, just as it would be unfair to blame whoever left a door or a gate open that allowed the dog to get away.

   Having said all of that, telling a woman looking for her dog that she faces arrest for looking for her dog does seem like an overreaction.

   --- Bruce Andriatch

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