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Mohan could have done more

Politics aside, there was something refreshing about Satish Mohan in 2005.

He ran for Amherst town supervisor promising the one thing that we all seem to want but are afraid of at the same time: change. It was enough to get him elected, but that mandate for change did him no good once he was sworn in and had to get to work.

As I write in my column today, the facts suggest that Mohan failed to do what he set out to do because not only could he not convince people to follow him, he couldn't even get people to listen to him. He alienated the town's rank-and-file employees, town unions, department heads and other Town Board members. People who have worked with him and covered him said he tends to see his position as good and the other side as corrupt or evil. You're not going to win many friends that way.

But Mohan said he wasn't trying to make friends. He has said that his goal was to be the voice of the people, to truly represent their interests without fear or favor. Maybe he did that. But when your one voice is up against the din of a thousand others, you're not going to be heard.

— Bruce Andriatch

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