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One and done for Travers Murphy

   You can tell Mary Travers Murphy likes what she is doing as supervisor of Orchard Park. Constituent work is very similar to her former job as a consumer reporter for WKBW-TV.

   She wasn't unfamiliar with politics when she ran for supervisor in 2005. Her late  father-in-law was Democratic Assemblyman Matthew J. Murphy Jr., who represented the Lockport area for 18 years.

   And she doesn't seem like one to back away from a fight. But it's the political part of the job that made her decide not to run for re-election.

   "The thought of having to raise the tens of thousands of dollars necessary to respond to such dirty politicking, not to mention the time and energy that would distract me from my duties as supervisor, holds no appeal," she said.

   With voters crying out for change, is it more than the faces of those running for public office that need to change?

   --- Barbara O'Brien



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