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Would you care to hear a comment?

   If you live long enough, you hear so many strange things that you wonder if anything will ever surprise you again.

   Then you hear that a high school principal was caught - "red-handed"  is the term police used - stealing money from the school safe and after being confronted with photographic evidence, she resigns.

   The story of LuAnn Ostanski at Kenmore East is well-known by now. In my column today, I try to make the case that district officials owe the community an explanation. Maybe legal concerns prevent them from providing every detail, or saying everything they know, but I believe the paid leaders of the school system need to say something. Even "We were just as shocked as you were and we're going to get to the bottom of this" would be nice to hear.

   Instead, the school superintendent will not even come to the phone. In response to one of the more bizarre crimes that has happened in a long time, residents got a prepared statement — which said nothing — and then silence for going on one week.

   You pay the salaries of the people who run the public schools. Do you want to hear from them when something goes very wrong in one of those schools? Or do you accept that they should say nothing about situations like this one?

  — Bruce Andriatch


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