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One step completed on long journey

Following a kindergartener through her first year of school was a way to find out what goes on in the classroom, how lofty legislation like No Child Left Behind affects 5- and 6-year-olds, how the budget that residents vote on provides construction paper and paper clips.

It didn't quite go as planned, but we did learn a few things:

You still clean your desk on the last day in school - and you still get to hear a story.

It's hard work to make learning fun.

Although the amount of academics in kindergarten has increased dramatically over the years, kids are still kids. They confound and surprise, they are old before their time while younger than ever, and still like to play silly games.

Thanks to the Scharfs - Peter, Amy, Rebekah and Rachel - for giving us access to their family over the past year so we could give others a glimpse of what goes on in the life of a kindergartener.

— Barbara O'Brien

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