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The shot heard 'round Western New York


   I probably was in the Oranges on the locker room side 90 percent of the times I went to the Aud for anything, but for some reason, on this night, I remember sitting lower and closer to the center.

   Clay Schroeder took the shot at the basket to my left. I saw it go in and I cheered as loud as anyone.

   I drive past the Aud on my way to work and, like many of you, as I watch it come down brick by brick the memories of what I saw there come flooding back. But all the concerts, goals and magical moments combined don't eclipse how exciting it was to see a kid, a few years old than I was, win a car.

   So I went searching for the person I knew only as "the kid who made that shot." It turned out he grew up about 2 miles from where I live now. When I found him, he was more than happy to talk about his time in the spotlight.

   Meeting him and talking to him only solidfied that moment as my favorite at the Aud.

   Were you there with me? If not, what moment did you see in person at the Aud that you will never forget?

   --- Bruce Andriatch

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