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History among the tights and blouses

Buzz loves when you can go into stores and see evidence of what they used to be.

We used to love the old Woolworth's at the corner of Grant and Ferry because even after it became something else -- was it a Quality or a Jubilee? -- the doors still said: "Air-Conditioned."

The downtown Woolworth's, in the Brisbane Building, is now a Rainbow shop. Wandering the store, Buzz cannot help noticing vestiges of the way things used to be.

There are the old tiles on the floor. And the tile pattern changes on the southern edge of the floor. That is where the Woolworth's lunch counter used to be.

It seems as if the old posts and the ceilings are pretty much what they were, too!

And best of all there is this classic Woolworth's-era ceiling vent. Observe also the fluorescent lights and the vintage trims and moldings.


These are things with which to occupy oneself while waiting in the checkout line in Rainbow which can be long.

History is all around us!

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