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The Jock

Buzz has been honored to cover the Shane, Brother Shane beat. It was not that long ago that Shane, Brother Shane was the leading deejay, when his voice echoed up and down the Eastern Seaboard. And now, at least for the moment, as Buzz reported the other day, Shane is back in town.

Last year Shane was inducted into the Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame and rumor has it he will attend the Broadcasting Hall of Fame Awards dinner tonight.

A few nights ago there was a classic Shane sighting at Mixology, the bar on Forest Avenue where the Royal Pheasant used to be. Dan Harper & the Magic Show, Buffalo blues masters, were on stage, when Harper announced to the crowd that Shane was there in the audience.

Our correspondent reports: "Bro Shane took the mic in the second set for a couple of songs. Very cool."

Very cool indeed!

It would be fun to have Shane back on the air. He is good on stage with a band but his real strength is how he sounds on the air, just talking. He has a poetic way of talking, the words just tumbling out gracefully and naturally and resonantly, and he can turn a phrase that is absurdly beautiful.

Or just absurd!

In the clip above you can hear him talking about his athleticism - "I climbed up his back like a squirrel," he says. And you can see a rare shot of the WYSL MYSL, the car Shane drove when he was on WYSL. "That car means more to me than my right leg," he has said.

Could you make this up??

Love him or can't stand him, you have to admit, things are never boring when Shane, Brother Shane is within 100 miles.

Watch for a Shane sighting near you!

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