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100 years ago, news of the "great beyond"

2012-10-31 004

I am getting kind of into following the news of a century ago. It is kind of fun! If you do not like the current events of today you can always go back to 1912 and what was going on then.

100 years ago today there was sad news. The Vice President had died!

This was William Howard Taft's vice president, James Sherman. Sherman, I see, came from Utica ...

2012-10-31 003

... and so Utica, and by extension Buffalo, was plunged into mourning. That is how Western New York is. Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Buffalo etc. are constantly at war with each other but when something this happens we put the wagons in a circle.

It is appropriate that on Halloween we do a few closeups to notice how newspapers used to describe death. In the first sentence, you read of Utica that "her principal citizen passed on to the great beyond."

2012-10-31 001

Notice the mention of the telegram from Roosevelt. It was just a matter of days before this that Roosevelt had had his close call, remember?

It was quite a year, 1912.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?


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