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100 years ago today: An elephant never forgets


We have a display case at The News that shows the paper from 100 years ago. You can bet that Buzz spends hours lingering over the yellowed pages! Especially when we have tons of other work to do.

Today's page brought an elephantine event.

The final touches were being put on the elephant house at the Buffalo Zoo. Steam heat was in place and now the elephants were getting bath facilities.

Sure enough, look up the elephant house on an architecture nerd Web site and it was built in 1912. It was the creation of Esenwein & Johnson, the great fanciful architectural team who brought us the Calumet Building, Lafayette High School and the Temple of Music at the Pan-American Exposition.

August Esenwein was an actual German count. We ask you, how many zoos can boast an elephant house designed by a count? Can San Diego's? Can Toronto's?

Our zoo should trumpet its proud history!



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