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100 years ago today: 'Doesn't give a rap'

Roosevelt 002

Every once in a while it is fun to check in with that Buffalo News exhibit that lets us know what was going on a century ago today. A few days ago, remember, it was the final touches being put on the elephant house at the Buffalo Zoo.

A hundred years ago Theodore Roosevelt had been shot. "Would-Be Assassin Was Quiet Denizen of Bowery Hotel," The News' headline writers wrote. "John Schrank Came In and Out, Drank His Glass of Beer, And Aroused No Curiosity."

The former U.S. president was recovering and mouthing off in his own inimitable macho style.


Now that he was no longer president, Roosevelt was "the Colonel." Further on down the story, I could not photograph it well but a smaller headline said, "Doesn't Give a Rap." Roosevelt said he did not give a rap that he had been attacked.

What an attitude!

Buffalo took a special kind of proprietary interest in Roosevelt because he had been inaugurated as president in the Milburn House on Delaware. The News' front page pictured the mansion as it had looked then.

So there you are, up to date with what happened 100 years ago.

Bowery, bullets and beer!


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