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7 things spotted in Delaware Park


Amazing, no race this morning in Delaware Park. No walkathons. No yoga classes.

Just Saturday human behavior!

Among the things I saw:

-- The rugby girlfriends. These are the girls who have to go watch their boyfriends play rugby. They are not to be envied!

-- The massive obedient mastiff sitting close by his master watching the game.

-- The massive friendly bulldog straining at its leash.

-- The soccer moms happy to be wearing their fall clothes. I saw two of them walking in ponchos toward the field, radiating joy and satisfaction.

-- The little kids playing in the leaves, grabbing huge handfuls and throwing them at each other. An entertainment that goes back to ancient Norse cultures.

-- The people lined up seven deep for the coffee truck.

-- The corduroys, out for the first time this season.

OK, that was me. I was wearing the cords. First time for everything!

It all makes me think: Buffalonians, we are great about complaining about the shortness of our summers. But our summers are not all that short.

And face it, do you not love fall?

I mean, just a little bit?


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