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A bar named ...

Every once in a while Forgotten Buffalo just nails you, you know?

This is the group that runs tours around, oh, South Buffalo, or the Old First Ward, or Polonia, or Black Rock. They take you to old bars and churches and you drink beer and have a great time. Buzz went on the Black Rock ('N Roll) tour once and we are still recovering, we laughed so long and so hard.

Anyway. Forgotten Buffalo likes to remind folks on Facebook of Buffalo's treasures, randomly chosen. This morning, I am sure a lot of us choked on our coffee.

Because Buffalo must be the only city in the world with a bar called...


Adolf's is at 555 South Park Ave. Its fish fry is fabled.

Someone writes: "A friend of mine got stranded there during the Blizzard of '77. By the time the storm was over I think he put on 10 lbs!"

The comments give the impression it is still up and running. Buzz is going to have to stop by and make sure.

Hey, it's our job!


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