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A downtown hotel's restless dead

GhostLast night when Buzz was at the Hyatt listening to Jackie Jocko we ran into George and Anne, a medium and a clairvoyant respectively, who were on their way to the Statler to take part in Paranormal Pursuit. 

We asked the clairvoyant to brief us on what restless spirits they found! Herewith, her report.

One of the Investigators was telling stories in the Ballroom. There was a bar and a few concessions. I had red wine and chocolate. 

Upstairs we went on our own tour. We found the spirit of a man who was looking for his lost bride as we were standing in the upstairs hallway. I helped George channel out the story and he got the name Ida Clare. ... We then noticed the energy of two men fighting on the stairway over a key to a room. There was a woman waiting in the room. 

After our own tour we were led into the Oriental room by the investigators' tour at 11 p.m. We were in the dark with eight other guest tourists and four investigators with their EVP detectors which pick up energy. ... There was a slamming door detected on the computer and a flashlight that turned on by itself. They were very excited about that. 

Wow, all these goings-on at the Statler. Who knew?

Got to wonder what spirits lurk @ the Lafayette.



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