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A ghostly Book of Lists, and why not to golf in East Aurora


Ghost expert Mason Winfield cracks us up. He is so sunny and athletic, with his blond hair and his tennis and golf and whatnot. Then the sun sets and Mason sees the unseen.

He has just come out with "The Paranormal Almanac of Western New York." It is a book of lists!

There are "10 Women in White." And "10 Little Boy Ghosts." Followed by "10 Little Girl Ghosts." There are also "10 Vehicle Ghosts." It is a pity that Mason overlooked our ghost Ford Escort. We sold it for scrap, and two months later we got notice that it had been seen and was getting tickets!

We were fascinated by "10 Ancient Battlefields." Our condensed version of Mason's list:

1. Lewiston, where someone once attacked the historic fortress of the Peace Queen. Here is where Mason seems to be occupying a parallel universe: Buzz has never heard of the Peace Queen. Did he mean to write the Peach Queen?

2. The Iroquois and the Eries duked it out on what is now South Park Avenue, near downtown.

3. They found a bunch of clubbed skulls in Cambria in 1823. Cambria is a creepy place! Mason hits Cambria again and again.

4. The Senecas beat up their enemies in Delaware Park.

5. "Just a bit south of Elmira is a cursed hilltop known as Spanish Hill."

6.  A stretch called "Witches Walk" in spooky, spooky Salamanca.

7. East Aurora, which Frederick Larkin, 19th century talking head, guessed was "the scene of a terrible conflict."

8. Palmyra. "The general picture of ancient culture-clash is not an impossibility, even if the exact site was not here."

9. Zoar Valley. "Seneca legend is not to be sneezed at."

10. Back to East Aurora (it's as creepy as Cambria). A siege, a bloody battle, and many deaths took place long ago, all in sight of the East Aurora Country Club.

Advises Mason: "Think of that next time you throw your clubs at the twelfth hole."

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