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And then depression set in


That is a snapshot of Buzz leaving the house this morning having to endure the Bills' devastating loss.

The bathrobe represents the Buffalo Bills! Forgive me, I love those depression drug ads with the bathrobe. I can't help it.

Anyone else notice, when the Bills lose, you just know it? It is in the air. Even if you do not watch or listen to the game, you know it.

Yesterday while the game was going on I was out running errands and stuff and did not catch any game updates. Sometimes it is better not to look in on stressful situations! That is why I did not watch the presidential debate, either, last week.

Later on yesterday I was home washing dishes and stuff and all of a sudden I said out loud, to no one:

"The Bills lost. I just know it."

And sure enough, alas.

Here is another depression ad I love. I love how the people are shaped like eggs and at the end, as the voice is listing the side effects, they start bouncing cheerily around.

If only Bills losses were reversed so easily!

Wouldn't it be great if you could just take a pill, and they would win?


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