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Amputation alert


The Jewish Repertory Theater, in a cheery ad in Gusto, describes "The Whipping Man" -- now on stage -- as "Matzah and Mayhem!" Oy vay! They will have their little joke.

The reality is, we hear, somewhat more grim.

News critic Colin Dabkowski, reviewing it, mentions "a raw and wrenching display of emotional pain."

Not to mention physical pain!

A friend went to the play and was horrified to find that there is also, ahem, an on-stage amputation.

"One of the most grisly things I've ever seen on a mainstage," he confides. "It's a pretty good show. But I'll tell ya, I was damn careful about letting my own leg hang into the aisle."

Ow ow ow!! Kind of lends new meaning to "break a leg."

"Believe it or not," our friend said, "I never thought of that."


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