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Preparedness @ the Lafayette


Buzz loves the new Hotel @ the Lafayette, a slice of which is photographed up above by News photographer Derek Gee. We went there Friday and had a glass of wine in the space that used to be the Lafayette Tap Room, now called the Pan-Am Grill and Brewery. Wow, the people we saw at the old Tap Room. Johnny "Clyde" Copeland, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Robert "Junior" Lockwood. All those fantastic late bluesmen with their righteous nicknames.

It was great to see the place crowded again even if Mssrs. Copeland, Brown and Lockwood are no longer with us. We stick to our guns and say they still need a bison head on the wall in the front room, where one used to be. But we are off to a fine start.

The Pan-Am theme is fun. When you are dining at the Tap Room you will be served a plate with a building from the Exposition pictured on it. Turn it over and it says what building it is.

After drinking our glass of wine we wandered the hotel as we are wont to do. There are upstairs banquet rooms that were buzzing with activity: rehearsal dinners, business gatherings. Buzz made our way into one emptied banquet room where Howard, the guy we married, sat down at the piano and played.


While Howard was playing Buzz wandered over to the window and looked out into a courtyard. And we beheld an interesting sight.

It was a big, white tank!

What was in it? We thought, some kind of utility, gas or water or something. But no!

A staffer we asked about it told us it was beer!

How prudent, to have a tank full of beer at the ready in case of blizzard or snowstorm or, ahem, nuclear event. And admirable, we thought, gazing out the window with respect.

Should disaster hit, we know where we're going!


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