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Attention Shur-Fine shoppers

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Buzz loves the Shur-Fine brand. It is so retro! And in Sunday's Budwey's ad -- it's one of the first things we look for in the Sunday paper -- we got a Shur-Fine surprise.

A huge long list of Shur-Fine items you could order by the case! That was what it looked like, anyway.

We never remembered seeing this before. We wondered if it was a screw-up, if it had been slipped mistakenly somehow into the slinger.

But no! We called the Newfane Budwey's and this is for real.

You fill out the big old Shur-Fine order form and bring it to customer service.

"And you can just put down a little down payment," said the personable woman we spoke with.

Just like 1965!

Shur-Fine Sauerkraut! Shur-Fine Magic Mallow Cereal! Shur-Fine Laundry Detergent Classic With Bleach! Shur-Fine Mushroom Pieces and Stems! (Shur-Fine belongs to the era before people began to sneer at canned mushrooms.)

We can all have a Shur-Fine week!


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