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Celebrating Columbus and his 'Drums of Doom'

Scott columbus

Kelly Bucheger, who leads the jazz band What Would Mingus Do? on Mondays at the Allen Street Hardware Co., is celebrating Columbus tonight on the bandstand. He writes:

As you know, Monday is Columbus Day, a national celebration of the
life and work of Scott Columbus, the semi-legendary drummer perhaps
best known for his long collaboration with the heavy metal band
Manowar (and before that, Hell Hostage). Because he was so hard on
normal drum sets, he commissioned a special kit made of stainless
steel that he called the "Drums of Doom," literally putting metal into
his heavy metal playing.

I'll leave it to others to debate the fairness of a heavy metal
drummer being honored with a federal holiday; my job is to try to
somehow make my steady gig featuring original jazz music tie in with
the national celebration.

We took that picture of Columbus up above from the Metal Archives. He does kind of have that Renaissance look, you know?

The Columbus Day Gala Celebration begins tonight at Allen Street Hardware starting at 8 p.m. The bar is at 245 Allen St., in Allentown. If you've never been there, today's the day.

Get out and explore!

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