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Coupon user on the verge of a nervous breakdown


Yikes, that big fat Entertainment Book expires on Nov. 1!

The pressure. The pressure!!

Here are 10 Entertainment coupons Buzz does not want to waste.

1.) Scarlet, the cozy little place on Virginia Street, with coupon good for up to $15. Buzz loves Virginia Place. It looks like New Orleans.

2.) Pietro's Ristorante, on Transit in East Amherst. "A Culinary phenomenon since it's inception in 2001," writes the Entertainment Book, blissfully oblivious to the correct use of apostrophes.

3.) The Wehrle Family Restaurant in Snyder, offering a buy one, get one on gyros and souvlaki. Buzz goes to the Wehrle with our mom. It is a Mom kind of place!

4.) Caputi's Sheridan Pub. The coupon is just for $5, but come on, the place is legend.

5.) Chow Chocolat. Buy one bonbon, get one free. Buzz has neglected this coupon so far only because we went into Chow Chocolat once and we saw a huge vat of chocolate and our heart started racing and we almost passed out.

6.) The Botanical Gardens. Once we went in there and actually got lost. We were standing there in Begonia House No. 2 wondering which way was north. Why travel when you've got this?

7.) Rainbow Roller Rink, in North Tonawanda. Ever since Cory Wells of Three Dog Night told us about roller skating at the old rink at St. Ann's Church, we have had this yen.

8.) The King and I. Thai places are great because we do not make that stuff at home.

9.) Samurai Japanese Cuisine, in East Amherst. Looking hungrily at the menu we see they have something called the Crazy Love Roll.

10.) The whole rest of the book!

Oh, dear. Oh, dear!


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