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Did we really hear that commercial?


Just now, on a certain local news station...

"You didn't give up on sex! Don't give up on birth control either! There are so many different methods.."

For the love of God! (One of my friends always says that and I have picked it up.)

Does everything have to be right out there? Last night we cracked up hearing an ad for some, ahem, prostate medication. It was telling guys something like: "You can stop getting up at night to go to the bathroom. Instead, you can get up for something a lot more fun!"

Considering all this, it kills us, this one cemetery guy we hear on the radio. It might have been Forest Lawn, might have been the Catholic Cemeteries, who knows. There are so many people these days competing for our dead body, we lose track.

Anyway, the graveyard guy begins: "I'd like to talk to you about something that used to be considered taboo."

What in the world is considered taboo?

What kind of a grabber is that?


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