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Ed Kilgore, the Bills and the billionaire's daughter


You can take a guy out of Ralph Wilson Stadium but you can't take Ralph Wilson Stadium out of the guy.

The Community Music School found that out last night when, in the midst of its cabaret blowout at Kleinhans Music Hall to celebrate distinguished alumnus Andy Anselmo, they brought out Channel 2 sports legend Ed Kilgore.

Kilgore --  whose talented wife, Debby, had studied with Andy -- had ditched his oft-discussed turtleneck for a dapper suit and tie. But he retained his inimitable way with words.

He smiled at the big crowd of over 400, who filled the Mary Seaton Room.

"This is a bigger crowd than we're probably going to have at the next Bills home game," he said.

He turned to singer Caroline Jones, who was the evening's emcee. Caroline is the daughter of hedge-fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones and had flown into the event yesterday on a Lear jet. She sang several songs and displayed some amazing high notes.

"Caroline," said Ed, "you definitely have more range than Ryan Fitzpatrick."


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