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First a flu shot, now this

Buzz felt virtuous this morning as we got our flu shot. We had a great-aunt who died of the flu. That was in 1917 but still.

After getting our shot, to make our day of health complete, we slipped away for a lunchtime visit to our chiropractor. Our chiro takes a holistic approach to things so when she asked Buzz how we were doing, we immediately and proudly reported we had just gotten our flu shot.

"Oh," the chiro said. "So all the propaganda worked."

"Yes," Buzz beamed, figuring there had probably been something in her last newsletter asking us to get a flu shot. She is all about wellness, our chiro is.

So we get our adjustment, and the chiro leaves, and we are supposed to lie there for a few minutes to let the adjustment take hold. We did that. Then we sat up.

And that was when we noticed this huge poster, dominating the wall.


Ha, ha! We were lying right under this thing while we bragged about getting our flu shot! The chiro must have thought we were crazy.

Well, what's a little mercury and formaldehyde.

It sure beats getting the flu!


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