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How about them Bulls?


The question has none of the stress it would have if you asked it about the Bills.

Win or lose, the UB Bulls are in fine form.

A dad we know -- OK, it's our brother George -- tells us that after the game, the players run in front of the front row, smiling and high-fiving the small fry. Kids love it, including Buzz's little niece and nephew, who go as often as they can get their parents to take them.

Bills games can be too rough for kids, but Bulls games, no problem! And the kids love it, win or lose. OK, full disclosure, last time the team played and lost, our kindgarten-age nephew, Georgie, somehow sensed the loss and began to cry. A high-five or two, though, and he was over it.

The Bulls are playing Toledo as we speak. Their next home game is noon next Saturday -- that's Nov. 3 -- against Miami. That's Miami, Ohio. Who knew that Miami University was in Ohio? But it is.

Go! Relax! And don't forget to take the kids.


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