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iPhone calls from the dead

GhostBuzz always looks forward to Tom Bauerle's annual ghost show on WBEN-AM. We look forward to hearing about all manner of apparitions -- children in old-fashioned clothes, women in white appearing at the top of a South Buffalo staircase.

But now we are worrying that technology is killing off these good old ghosts.

You get calls about high-tech ghost detection equipment.  "There was an energy source they were picking up on their machines." "And, like, the thermograms..."

There is less talk of cemeteries and more talk of cell phones.

"And I was on my Bluetooth and suddenly my phone cut out."

And: "My iPhone called my grandmother and my grandmother had been dead for two years."

And: "Every year on my birthday I get a call from a number I don't recognize and nobody's there..."

Well, there is a bright side -- or shall we say a dark and spooky side -- to all this. It puts ghosts within everyone's reach!

Suddenly our cell phone lends a supernatural aspect to our life. It has been known to call people all on its own. Plus, we would not be surprised if we got a message from someone who has been dead for years. Sometimes our phone just sits on the messages and delivers them in its own sweet time.

This sure adds drama to our Halloween.

Our iPhone is definitely haunted!

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