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It's the new lunchtime escape. It's...


The line that separates the gym from kindergarten grows fainter every day.

Yesterday we made it to the noonday PiYo class at the Buffalo Athletic Club downtown. There was a new teacher. She made us do a bunch of ballet moves, where you raised your arm overhead like a dancer and pointed your toes and gracefully kicked your legs.

"You all look so pretty!" she told us. Which made everyone laugh because a lot of the class was men including lawyers and other VIPs (to use Buffalo lingo).

Things eventually morphed into that kind of New Age-y Religion Lite you get a lot in yoga class. We did the Warrior Pose and were told that our front arm was the future and our back arm was the past. We ended up lying on our mats with our eyes closed. Like kindergarten Nap Time.

When we opened our eyes there was this piece of paper on everyone's mat. Buzz took ours back to the office as a souvenir of this quaint episode in our day.

2012-10-17 020

And now it's time for cupcakes!

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