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Mayor announces parking free-for-all


There are 10 minutes left to Jackie Jocko and Joe Peters Day in the City of Buffalo!

It was proclaimed this evening at the Hyatt. Mayor Byron Brown made the proclamation, and  it was a handsome proclamation, with many a "Whereas." This was at a big dinner organized by Judge Sal Martoche and friends, celebrating Jackie Jocko, lounge pianist at the Hyatt, and his longtime collaborator, Joe Peters.

The clock now says 11:50 p.m. For the next 10 minutes we may all park wherever we want. Or maybe it was just that Jocko and Joe could park wherever they want. Whatever, Buzz is sure we may all take advantage of this offer.

"Today you can park where you want," the Mayor declaimed. "It's your day."

He added: "Tomorrow you get a ticket."

It was a multi-Mayor event! Here is a picture of Jocko with former Mayor Anthony Masiello on the podium. Jocko and Joe are seated to the right of the mayor.

Jocko mayor

And now excuse us. We are going to go out and park the car!


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