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Occupy breakfast table

Pictures 2012-10-12 002

We have a joke around the house that clutter becomes invisible. Something sits in the same place long enough, you stop noticing it.

So I look up at breakfast this morning and only gradually saw, sitting across from me at the table, the pumpkin I picked up last week.

There it was. Big. Green. Occupying its own place at the table!

Good gourd almighty! Sorry, I could not help that.

Somehow among all the other stuff competing for its space -- the big bag of paper napkins, the piles of newspapers, the coffee cups -- it had managed to squash its way in, so to speak. And it was just sitting there. It even had its own chair! I mean, look.

It worries me that it is not only two weeks into October. Surely this weekend will bring another trip to the farmer's market. And the weekend after that will bring another.

Things are bound to get worse!


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