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One waterfront eyesore that's not going anywhere

With the Memorial Auditorium ancient history and the Skyway dodging bullets, there is one prominent waterfront element that's not going anywhere.

The Marine Drive Apartments.

Here they are in a News file photo taken from HSBC Center.


A flattering winter shot, also from The News' files.


Buzz confesses we are partial to the buildings' Cold War tops. These are classic fixtures that you do not see every day!


(This file photo dates to August 2012, when a man was reportedly threatening to jump from the top of the building, and was talked down.)

Anyway. If you have never had a chance to study the subtleties of the Marine Drive Apartments' uncompromising 1950s-era architecture, don't worry. There's time.

Because unlike their less fortunate brethren on the waterfront, they're Not.




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