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One waterfront eyesore that's not going anywhere

With the Memorial Auditorium ancient history and the Skyway dodging bullets, there is one prominent waterfront element that's not going anywhere.

The Marine Drive Apartments.

Here they are in a News file photo taken from HSBC Center.


A flattering winter shot, also from The News' files.


Buzz confesses we are partial to the buildings' Cold War tops. These are classic fixtures that you do not see every day!


(This file photo dates to August 2012, when a man was reportedly threatening to jump from the top of the building, and was talked down.)

Anyway. If you have never had a chance to study the subtleties of the Marine Drive Apartments' uncompromising 1950s-era architecture, don't worry. There's time.

Because unlike their less fortunate brethren on the waterfront, they're Not.



First a flu shot, now this

Buzz felt virtuous this morning as we got our flu shot. We had a great-aunt who died of the flu. That was in 1917 but still.

After getting our shot, to make our day of health complete, we slipped away for a lunchtime visit to our chiropractor. Our chiro takes a holistic approach to things so when she asked Buzz how we were doing, we immediately and proudly reported we had just gotten our flu shot.

"Oh," the chiro said. "So all the propaganda worked."

"Yes," Buzz beamed, figuring there had probably been something in her last newsletter asking us to get a flu shot. She is all about wellness, our chiro is.

So we get our adjustment, and the chiro leaves, and we are supposed to lie there for a few minutes to let the adjustment take hold. We did that. Then we sat up.

And that was when we noticed this huge poster, dominating the wall.


Ha, ha! We were lying right under this thing while we bragged about getting our flu shot! The chiro must have thought we were crazy.

Well, what's a little mercury and formaldehyde.

It sure beats getting the flu!

Reason No. 250 to love fall

2012-10-16 001

We took this picture at Tim Horton's.

We don't even have to eat it.

It is enough just to venerate it.


Strange gathering at the Central Library

Who came up with this seating arrangement?

2012-10-16 002

Angry men under our window


A mighty roar is emanating from a group of guys marching and chanting under the window of the Buzz desk here at The Buffalo News. Above is a masterful picture we just took.

Why don't they just come up and tell us what it is we wrote that they didn't like?

As it is, we cannot make out what they are shouting. There is a call-and-response thing going on: One man yells something in a loud, hoarse voice, and the others shout back.

A co-worker thinks they are chanting: "TASTES GREAT!" "LESS FILLING!"

Sounds good to us!

Jeremiah was a bullhead

Cory Wells of Three Dog Night loves to fish in the Niagara River and we have this picture courtesy of our friend Mike Lauria, who is cousin to Wells' wife and talks about him affectionately in today's Buzz column. Lauria took the picture.

No bullhead this time! This is a pike.


"The whole Cory/Buffalo thing is no act," Lauria says. "He and I fish often in Buffalo harbor and the various channels that run through the area around the skyway. He spends a lot of time fondly reminiscing about growing up in Buffalo."

Wells did some of that reminiscing last week in The News. 

A fine fellow! And a good fisherman, too.

100 years ago today: 'Doesn't give a rap'

Roosevelt 002

Every once in a while it is fun to check in with that Buffalo News exhibit that lets us know what was going on a century ago today. A few days ago, remember, it was the final touches being put on the elephant house at the Buffalo Zoo.

A hundred years ago Theodore Roosevelt had been shot. "Would-Be Assassin Was Quiet Denizen of Bowery Hotel," The News' headline writers wrote. "John Schrank Came In and Out, Drank His Glass of Beer, And Aroused No Curiosity."

The former U.S. president was recovering and mouthing off in his own inimitable macho style.


Now that he was no longer president, Roosevelt was "the Colonel." Further on down the story, I could not photograph it well but a smaller headline said, "Doesn't Give a Rap." Roosevelt said he did not give a rap that he had been attacked.

What an attitude!

Buffalo took a special kind of proprietary interest in Roosevelt because he had been inaugurated as president in the Milburn House on Delaware. The News' front page pictured the mansion as it had looked then.

So there you are, up to date with what happened 100 years ago.

Bowery, bullets and beer!

Attention Shur-Fine shoppers

Pictures 2012-10-15 064

Buzz loves the Shur-Fine brand. It is so retro! And in Sunday's Budwey's ad -- it's one of the first things we look for in the Sunday paper -- we got a Shur-Fine surprise.

A huge long list of Shur-Fine items you could order by the case! That was what it looked like, anyway.

We never remembered seeing this before. We wondered if it was a screw-up, if it had been slipped mistakenly somehow into the slinger.

But no! We called the Newfane Budwey's and this is for real.

You fill out the big old Shur-Fine order form and bring it to customer service.

"And you can just put down a little down payment," said the personable woman we spoke with.

Just like 1965!

Shur-Fine Sauerkraut! Shur-Fine Magic Mallow Cereal! Shur-Fine Laundry Detergent Classic With Bleach! Shur-Fine Mushroom Pieces and Stems! (Shur-Fine belongs to the era before people began to sneer at canned mushrooms.)

We can all have a Shur-Fine week!

Cool photograph taken in Cheektowaga

While the rest of the world was watching the Bills, Buzz was out in Cheektowaga, poking around the tiny but atmospheric cemetery behind Our Lady Help of Christians (on Union Road, almost across the street from Airport Plaza Jewelers, of rubber chicken fame).

This chapel, built in 1853, is a National Historic Site. It is beautiful and fascinating and wandering around, you get a wonderful feeling, especially on this beautiful day with falling leaves and warm breezes.

We began taking photos with our phone. Our best shot was of a grotto that included a scene behind glass. Studying the tableau, we seemed to make out that it showed a priest saying Mass. Alas, the glass was so smudged you could not be sure.

That was the bad news.

The good news: It made for a great picture!


7 things spotted in Delaware Park


Amazing, no race this morning in Delaware Park. No walkathons. No yoga classes.

Just Saturday human behavior!

Among the things I saw:

-- The rugby girlfriends. These are the girls who have to go watch their boyfriends play rugby. They are not to be envied!

-- The massive obedient mastiff sitting close by his master watching the game.

-- The massive friendly bulldog straining at its leash.

-- The soccer moms happy to be wearing their fall clothes. I saw two of them walking in ponchos toward the field, radiating joy and satisfaction.

-- The little kids playing in the leaves, grabbing huge handfuls and throwing them at each other. An entertainment that goes back to ancient Norse cultures.

-- The people lined up seven deep for the coffee truck.

-- The corduroys, out for the first time this season.

OK, that was me. I was wearing the cords. First time for everything!

It all makes me think: Buffalonians, we are great about complaining about the shortness of our summers. But our summers are not all that short.

And face it, do you not love fall?

I mean, just a little bit?

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