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The angry Hallowe'en organist

This guy's a monster!

Listen to what he does to these hymns for an All Saints Day service (Buzz does not have to explain that Hallowe'en means All Hallows Eve, or the Eve of All Saints). He is improvising!! No music. Zowie!

Now .... watch what he does at right about 6:27.

That gesture makes sense when you read the rant attached to his video on YouTube. Here is the slightly edited version:

For all of you critical You Tube arm chair critics with pen and pad in hand to note when someone has missed a note, or used a stop that you don't like, you know who you are, the I don't have a video uploaded myself gang of idiots who MUST offer their unsolicited opinions as though they're effen experts, to you folks imparticular you in some of my other videos have made it a point of scolding me for my timing WHEN I'M NOT LEADING A CONGREGATION OR A CHOIR in those particular videos, especially when my response has consistently been that I play at any speed that I wish ESPECIALLY since it's just me practicing alone and not leading voices. I've had members of that crowd say "Oh, that's not how to lead a choir!" when there isn't a choir there in the video to lead. Well for you #$*&#s, this video is how I lead a choir and/or congregation when I have to, and perhaps this ought to shut you critics up.


Happy Halloween from the monster organist!


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