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The Bills game heard 'round the world

Normal people, they go to Italy and meet Italians.

Buffalonians are different.

To Buzz's ears comes a classic tale from a woman by the name of Denise DeNisco. The name sounds poetic, Italian, so you figure she could go to Florence and become like one of the Florentines. But no!

It happened September 30. (Italian time, she specifies.)

She and her husband, Michael, were standing in front of their hotel, talking to Michael's friend Jerry D'Alfonso, a former Boston Globe editor, about, you guessed it, the Bills. The Bills were about to play the Patriots.

A young couple passed by and, to their astonishment, asked in perfect English, "Are you Bills fans too?"

The couple were Anna and Matthew Munn of East Amherst! 

Of course everyone kept in touch, discussing the game (which, alas, the Bills lost) throughout the next few days.

Marvels Denise: "What are the chances the Munns would pass by that hotel, at that time, on that day???"

Hey, this being Buffalo, those chances are 100 percent.

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