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The Champ


It's squash season! And Buzz is thrilled to report that last night, in the Hyatt lounge, we met, in person, world-renowned squash champion Barry Abelson. That is Abelson pictured above at one of his many competitions! He is in town from Toronto to compete in the U.S./Canada squash championships being held at Buffalo Tennis and Squash.

Apparently certain of victory, Abelson had given the slip to his friends, who were off at some other event, and was kicked back by himself enjoying healthful red wine and enticing lounge pianist Jackie Jocko to play obscure songs. He impressed Buzz by requesting two numbers we had never heard of, "Manhattan Towers" and "Yellow Days." 

Jocko played both.

"Hey, Toronto!" he kept yelling to Abelson. "Listen to this!'

Abelson is 76 but looks younger, which is what a lifestyle of squash and standards will do for you.

And his favorite squash?

"I like zucchini," he said. "And spaghetti squash with tomato sauce."


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