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The gourds must be crazy


If Buzz owned a vegetable stand it would look something like George's, the farmer's market out on Main Street in Williamsville. We love George's for just that reason. The crates and boxes lying around. Stuff everywhere. Few price tags.

"Is there a list I'm supposed to be looking at?" we asked the lone woman staffing the place yesterday, after asking her how much were beans, how much were tomatoes and how much was that big green squash.

"No, no list," she said cheerily.

She was shivering on the chilly day and cuddling a needy white lap dog.

We bought a cauliflower and big red cabbage. And two baskets of use 'em-or-lose-'em tomatoes. And a bunch of ripe bananas mysteriously priced at 25 cents. For the bunch! Not just for one.

And a basket of green beans. And one of these giant green squashes.


"It's not a squash. It's a pumpkin," said the gal minding the shop.

Pumpkins ARE squash! But why argue. There is enough arguing these days what with Obama and Romney. 

Another customer was at George's too and she and Buzz kept passing each other on our way to and from our cars carrying fruits and flowers.

"I can't stop shopping!" Buzz shouted to her.

She laughed and shouted back:

"It's so fun!!!!"


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