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The Skyway Sixteen

2012-10-17 010

"Save the Skyway," check it out. It is one of the fastest-growing groups on Facebook!

First there were 0 and next thing we knew, there were 16 people who "liked" it.

Buzz was delighted to find this group. We love how it mentioned the Marine Drive Apartments, as we did as well. Plus, we just like the ol' Skyway. It looks just fine from where we sit, which is right in front of it. Cars and trucks go over it. Freighters go under it. There is green space beneath it. It is not like a highway on the ground. It does not cut us off from our waterfront.

Only in Buffalo would this bridge be a problem, you know?

Funniest comment on this group's Facebook page, a guy complaining: "The Skyway's just not fun anymore -- now you have too many young drivers, raised by soccer moms, riding their brakes for the entire thing."

Hahahaaa! "Save the Skyway," got to love it.

Got to like it!

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