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Waterfront wonder

2012-10-17 005

It was fun to step outside the office today and see a tugboat pulling in a gigantic freighter, the English River.

The English River comes from Quebec and it flies a Canadian flag. It was a beautiful afternoon, warmer than predicted, the sun shining, the water like glass. The tugboat and the freighter both glided along in perfect silence. There was no sound but the honking of a herd of geese, flying south.

I looked up the English River. It was launched in 1961 and it hauls cement. Notice below that on its side, it says "Lafarge." Sure enough, it was headed for Lafarge Cement.

We will call this shot "Still Life With Skyway." It is kind of cool to watch big freighters like this pass under the Skyway, gracefully clearing the bridge.

2012-10-17 009

This sight sure beats the waterfront sights of yesterday, that is for sure.

It melts away the stresses of the work week!


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