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What's that mighty thud on your doorstep?


It's Vol. 1, No. 1 of "The German Citizen," Buffalo's newest ethnic newspaper!

It comes out four times a year. In the first issue Martin Ederer, historian and Buffalo State College professor, talks about being hounded by reporters when he went to the annual German Mass at St. Ann's Church and Shrine.

"What's it like to be German?" they asked him.

His answer?

"I was reeling. The reporter seriously expected me to sum up all things German in a five-second sound bite?! Thankfully, my initial impulse was to choke down the answer I wanted to give: a very similar -- but very sarcastic -- question in return. It would have been so concise, so rhetorically elegant and so memorable -- in short, all attributes that journalists hold dear. But that answer would have also poorly represented St. Ann's Church, the German mass, Germans, and quite possibly all of Catholicism.

"I don't fully remember the polite answer I finally gave."

Neither do we, because we got distracted by a photo on the next page of "The Flying Rhinos of Dortmund." Dortmund, Germany, is Buffalo's sister city.

Apparently these rhinos are like our fiberglass bison.


Perhaps they can make us some Flying Rhino beer to go with our Flying Bison!

Anyway. The Citizen's Telefon number is 831-8013, should you wish to reach out to them in a spirit of Gemuetlichkeit.

Lots to chew on, in "The German Citizen," along with your bacon and bratwurst.


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