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A mushroom of one's own


Maybe it's election day stress, but Buzz has been hanging out a lot at pizza parlors. That is a term we love, pizza parlors. Like massage parlors or tattoo parlors! It hints that you are living life on the wild side.

The truth is, though, that pizza parlors are calming.

We love the quaint fees they charge for extra toppings. At Bob and John's on Hertel, it's 30 cents. That is a Bob and John's pizza in the News file photo up above.

Casa di Pizza on Elmwood is even less -- 25 cents. (Hey, someone has to research this.)

And here is what tops it all: Bob and John's offers a choice of mushrooms!

Ah, you say. Shiitake or Portobello? Cremini or, ahem, Truffle?

No no no! As a Buffalonian you should know better.

The choice is "mushrooms" or "canned mushrooms."

And last thing we heard, the two were in a dead heat...


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