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Area's nerdiest restaurant


Buzz went last night to Iris, on Maple Road in Amherst, to see the jazz singer Mary Stahl. That is Mary pictured above with her pianist, Jim Calabrese, in a News file photo we love.

The musicians were great. But the restaurant's menu was equally entertaining.

It is the most eggheaded menu we have ever seen!

There is a burger called Beowulf. It is a bacon cheeseburger identified with a quote: "The squealing beast hath been slain."

Another burger is the John Steinbeck. "No mice, no men. Only beef, I promise."

The "signature burger" topped with nacho cheese and jalapenos is called the Inigo Montoya. That one has the best quote: "You killed my father, now prepare my meal." Darned if we know what that quote means, but it is certainly dramatic.

Alas, this bodes ill for the economy.

There must be English majors back there flipping burgers!


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